Language lab

Language Lab software is a classroom based solution which is installed on the computer in classroom and the content can be accessible in the respective computer system. English Language becomes the default option for communication as it is spoken and understood across the global. Hence making it a good companion for travel enthusiasts. While proficient English-speaking skills appeals your resume and it can boost hiring potential. A recent survey by LinkedIn stated that CEOs and HR Directors prefer English speaking employees over other languages.

To learn a English language, one needs constant practice. This software works for the overall development of the learner and enhances the ability to Listen, Speak, Read and Write.

In the lab, the students listen to the lessons pre-recorded by experts. Topics such as accent, rhythm, intonation, consonants and vowels are dealt with separately and extensively. This is followed by an exercise. After listening to the pre-recorded voice, the student can record his/her own voice and compare the correctness of his/her pronunciation.