The college has four state-of-the-art computer labs with the area of 89.2 sq.m. of each lab, all four labs are equipped with Dell I3 Computer of 60 in each lab is connected to a central Server through network. Each Terminal in the Lab is Centrally Controlled by CCMS ERP software and continuously monitors students’ performance in all respects. All terminals are accessible for all software required by the latest trends in the industry. Besides this, college provides Internet and the Wi- Fi services with the speed of 10 mbps. This gives freedom to the students to expand their knowledge as per latest trends in the IT sector.

Computer Centre is the central part of the the institute divided into two parts Language Lab and Internet Lab. Language Lab area is 89 sq.m. And Internet Lab area is 89 sq.m. Internet Lab is equipped is 30 Dell I3 machines and 10 MBPS internet line and can be accessed by students anytime for solving their assignments works.