President's Message

The Sadhana Shikshan Mandal's Saraswati College, Shegaon is established in 2009 for providing leadership in education and research with a focus on post graduate degree Master in Computer Application. Within a period of only two years Saraswati College is a leading institution in its area for education in Computer Applications.

The institute is committed to playing a key role in creating an ambience for nurturing the software developers and leaders of tomorrow. In doing so, we hope to make significant contributions to the development of the country and improvement in the quality of life of its citizens.

For this, we need to pursue a strategy that fosters creativity, supports interdisciplinary research and education. Saraswati College is an essential component of this strategy. I am proud to say that the institute is ideally placed in the holy place of Maharashtra- Shegaon.

Mrs. Sadhana S. Shinde
Sadhana Shikshan Mandal