Memorandum of Understanding

Saraswati College has signed MOU with e-Zest Pvt.Ltd. 

Saraswati College has signed MOU with Nebulla Technology and Research Lab.  

e-Zest Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Pune  and Sarawati College, Shegaon MOU

MOU main key points:

1. e-Zest will select students  only  in the first semester for various projects.
2. e-Zest ,in consultation with Faculty of Sarawati College, will allot mini/major projects to these students in every semester.

3. e-Zest will ask students and faculties to complete Certification Courses on Emerging Technologies mandatory for Live Project of Final Semester.

  4. e-Zest will train students from each group, once for 3 to 5 days, in any one of their corporate offices for student to have industrial feel.

  5. e-Zest technical experts will guide and supervise the projects regularly through visits and on-line conferences.

6. e-Zest will arrange placement for these students  once in every year or e-Zest will have zero day placement right for these student.

7.  Assignments of Nebula Lab are exclusive properties of e-Zest.
8.  Saraswati College will provide secured access in the Nebulla Research Lab only to the selected faculties and  students.

9.  Saraswati College will provide Biometric attendance record of students and faculties to e-Zest for the Neblla Labs.

10. Saraswati College will provide separate server, dedicated computers and high bandwidth internet connection for the nebula Research Lab.

11. Saraswati College will provide name and Logo of e-Zest outside Nebulla Research Lab.