One of the assets of the college is the Central Library. The institute has a well furnished library with automation by CCMS Libman Software. The library is enriched with more than 3000 text books and reference books, research papers, journals, periodicals, etc. The library resources are easily accessible to students as well as faculties of the institute and six terminals are also available for online journal reference in the library. The library contains a collection of varied national & international papers and magazines which help students in their assignment and research project tasks. As per AICTE norms Library area is 146.29 sq.m. and it has the sitting capacity for more than 50 students.



The institute has a spacious academic infrastructure with two seminar halls well equipped with state of the art audio-visual and projection equipments. These halls cater to versatile use like External Chief Guest Lectures on various latest topics, Faculty Development Progrmmes, Soft Skill sessions etc. Each Seminar hall has the seating capacity of 100 members with its adequate area of 132 sqm., 152sqm.



Computer Centre is the central part of the the institute divided into two parts Language Lab and Internet Lab. Language Lab area is 89 sq.m. and Internet Lab area is 89 sq.m. Internet Lab is equipped is 30 Dell I3 machines and 10 MBPS internet line and can be accessed by students anytime for solving their assignments works.



The college has four state-of-the-art computer labs with the area of 89.2 sqm of each lab, all four labs are equipped with Dell I3 Computer of 60 in each lab is connected to a central Server through netwok. Each Terminal in the Lab is Centrally Controlled by CCMS ERP software and continuously monitors students’ performance in all respects. All terminals are accessible for all software required by the latest trends in the industry. Besides this, college provides Internet and the Wi- Fi services with the speed of 10 mbps. This gives freedom to the students to expand their knowledge as per latest trends in the IT sector.



College has employed the use of technology in education by providing classrooms that are equipped with all modern teaching aids like multimedia projectors etc. This creates a need for knowledge to be shared with the student by some means other than lecture. This indeed makes learning more effective and interesting than the traditional methods. As per AICTE norms College has six classrooms with an area of 75 sq.m. each.


Keeping in view a of providing separate common rooms for boys and girls the Institute has allotted, 1 for boys and 1 for girls to enable them to sit and discuss various educational points with each other. These rooms are likewise used for socializing, discussing and interacting with each other, exchanging notes taken in the class and on some affair to assume a respite from their busy schedule of teaching work.

Sr. No. Type Area Required as per the norms of AICTE(all in Sq. Mtr.) Available
1. Girls Common Room 75 92.87
2. Boys Common Room 75 91.00


The institute has made provision for Tutorial Rooms wherein the students are housed in small groups and they are given the task of practicing assignments which are provided based on the classroom work.

Sr. No. Type Area Required as per the norms of AICTE (all in Sq. Mtr.) Available
1. Tutorial Room 1 75 45.53
2. Tutorial Room 2 75 45.98



College has the facility of a Language Lab, equipped with all audio- visual aids with ETNL software to inculcate and develop communication skills among the would be professionals.


The institute has a special setup of Placement office within the area of 45.98 sq. mtr. holding in all requirements of placement activity with modern furniture and Computers with high bandwidth Net connection and all communications media.


The Training and Placement Cell of the Institute centrally handles all aspects of campus placements for the post graduating students of MCA Dempartment. The T & P Cell is well equipped with excellent infrastructure to support each and every stage of the placement processes. The T & P staff members assist in arranging various programmes at regular intervals for honing soft skills, Pre-Placement Talks, Written Tests, Group Discussions, and Interviews etc. for improving the overall personality of the students.

The Department is equipped with all audio-visual facilities for assisting in campus activities by the visiting corporate executives.

Aside from the classroom training, the college also organizes various industrial visits to different leading industries. For skill up-gradation Pupils are too promoted to undertake internship in different industries matching the class curriculum. The training inputs increases the competency level of the pupils so that they are capable to steer through the selection process organized by the different companies in selecting the correct type of prospects.

Placement Activities:-
• Soft Skills Sessions
• Expert Lectures/Workshops
• Industrial Visits
• Entrepreneurship Development Programme
• Industry -Institute Interaction
• Certification Courses.