The Saraswati College provides adequate infrastructural support for all such student-activities which would provide them with physical fitness & personality development and cultivate in them sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent. There are in-campus activities like cricket, volleyball, football, track field, athletics and indoor games. Wide participation of students is encouraged.

Students are also encouraged to participate in inter-colleges, open, invitation and other external tournaments, sports meet, cultural and other competitions. Many other facilities are being planned. Students of Saraswati College have Participate & won the prizes in competitions at other places. Maximum students participate in sports activities as a daily routine.

All sports are competitive and exciting. Sports teach sportsmanship, A Good sportsmen is a Person who can win without boasting and who can accept defeat with good grace. Games after all are not games they are games. Games are also rituals, patterns and symbols of life.

Health and prosperity of the nation is reflected in the activities and programs. That are carried out and in which masses are found engaged in. The more the constructive, concrete, and creative nature of these activities in maintained the better and still better and put can be anticipated in terms of health and prosperity of the people.

Sports Participation in Sports and Games

In the beginning of the session college has formed the sports council for the smooth conduction of the sports event throughout the year. Structure of the sports council.

1. Principal Chairman
2. Sports Director Secretary
3. Staff in-charge of each sports Member
4. C.R. from all classes Member
5. Girl nominee Member
6. Chief student coordinator Member

All sports activities will run under the sports council. Staff members are appointed as in charges for various games and sports activities at our college in order to have their active involvement in the games and sports activities. On the days of National Festivals viz. 15th August and 26th January the staff is exposed to sports. On 12th January on account of Swami Vivekanand's jayanti various types of Games competitions are conducted for staff members.

Indoor Sport Facility

Chess/carom rooms.

Table tennis room.

Yoga hall.

Outdoor sports 3 Acres of land has been dedicated which includes

One Volley Ball courts.

Badminton court.

Cricket Ground.

Open space available for Other Outdoor activities.

Sports Achievements

In Saraswati College all round personality development is given due importance and as such many sports and cultural activities throughout the year to make the students more capable and to equip them with innovative talents in the best possible manner, to face the challenges and tomorrow boldly. The college always encourages the student and participants and appreciates their better performance.

Maximum students were appointed as the Captain of various games and sports activities of the University (at Inter University level).