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Saraswati College, Shegaon, makes available state-of-the-art infrastructure to its students. These facilities ensure a prolific campus life and provide a perfect environment for academic pursuits. The premise includes the office and trust offices, library, auditorium, conference hall, canteen, health care center, area for recreational activities, Sports facilities, and Gym for students.


Saraswati College Library came into existence on 2009 with the establishment of Saraswati College. The College is located in Shegaon Maharashtra a famous pilgrim and historical place on Mumbai Howrah railway route. Library plays important role in the educational institute. One of the assets of the college is the Central Library. College Library is the center point of teaching, learning and research process of the institute. College Library is situated at first floor having 146.29 sq. areas with the more than 80 student sitting capacity.

IT Infrastructure:

The college has four state-of-the-art computer labs with the area of 89.2 sq.m. of each lab, all four labs are equipped with Dell I3 Computer of 60 in each lab is connected to a central Server through network. Each Terminal in the Lab is Centrally Controlled by CCMS ERP software and continuously monitors students’ performance in all respects. All terminals are accessible for all software required by the latest trends in the industry. Besides this, college provides Internet and the Wi- Fi services with the speed of 10 mbps. This gives freedom to the students to expand their knowledge as per latest trends in the IT sector.

Class Rooms:

Saraswati College has adequate number of Audio-Visual Class Rooms, well equipped with Digital Smart Boards,  Audio System, Microphones, and with required arrangements of lights; where the students of all classes experience learning in an effective way. The audio-visual method appeals most to the senses. It leaves a deeper impact as it involves greater attention in the act of learning and helps the child to retain the concepts taught through these aids.

Conference Room:

Saraswati College have hi-tech conference room with all required facilities for meeting and connecting with  research scholars, industry leaders, experts and delegates with seating arrangement of twenty persons for executive meetings.  It is well-equipped with high internet speed, wi-fi connectivity, projector, sound system and microphone on each chair.

Canteen: A favorite haunt of students during off hours is the spacious and well-designed canteen with a suitable aesthetic touch. The canteen has a modern kitchen with the latest appliances to provide for Indian cuisine. The interior is tastefully crafted to provide the much needed relief and soothing environment.  Facilities Provided - RO, UV Water Purifier with Water Cooler, CCTV Surveillance, Fire Extinguishers, Fully Wi-Fi Connected, Laptop & Mobile Charging Point

Sports & Recreation Facilities:

The Saraswati College provides adequate infrastructural support for all such student-activities which would provide them with physical fitness & personality development and cultivate in them sportsman spirit, team spirit, leadership and talent. There are in-campus activities like cricket, volleyball, football, track field, athletics and indoor games. Students are encouraged  for outdoor and indoor games for various inter-collegiate level, university level, state level and national level sports competitions. 

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