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Local Chapter

The National Program on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) has initiated following benefits.

  1. It offers 416 online courses in 41 Domains with 10 Disciplines.

  2. NPTEL provides expatriation to students in various domains which are highly demanding in the IT Industry.

    Click on the following links to know the domains of expertizations.

    1. Artificial Intelligence Domain Certification

    2. Data Science

    3. Programming

    4. Systems

    5. Foundations of Computing

  3. After completion of course 2 credits will be transferred into the University curriculum.

  4. College provides at Least 2 Hrs weekly slot for NPTEL in college curriculum.

  5. College provides high speed Internet Connection to Watch NPTEL courses.

  6. All courses are certified by IITs & IISc.

Year of Establishment of Local Chapter : July 2018

Name of Local Chapter: Sadhana Shikshan Mandal's Saraswati College, Shegaon

Name of the Single Point of Contact: Prof. Akshay Dilip Lahe

Local Chapter Id: 1978

Check out here:

During the last 2 years, 25 students have successfully completed different courses.

Visit link for more details:

Study Webs of Active Learning for Young Aspiring Minds’ (SWAYAM)

SWAYAM provides an integrated platform and portal for online courses under MOOCS, it has 23 Disciplines numbering 933 Courses.

There are 9 National Coordinators as follows:

  1. AICTE for self-paced and international courses

  2. NPTEL for Engineering

  3. UGC for non-technical post-graduation education

  4. CEC for under-graduate education

  5. NCERT for school education

  6. NIOS for school education

  7. IGNOU for out-of-school students

  8. IIMB for management studies

  9. NITTTR for Teacher Training programme

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